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Louisville ZOO WAKY Concert

Reunion – 2016 Lineup


National Anthem  The Doo Wop All Stars

1pm  The Epics

2pm  Wulfe Bros. and Sherry Edwards

4pm  Doo Wop All Stars with Barb Polk and Eddie Humphries

5pm  Wayne Young and the New Legends

6pm  Caribou



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 Midnite Special 

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 Digitally Remastered


  Charcoal Soul

  12 Hits, 

                                                                                                  including :

    Shinning Love  (E. Hinton)

   Charcoal Soul  (P. Mitchell)

   Watch What Your Doing!   (S. Johnson)

   Lost in the Blues   (R. Ends, W. Young)

   Hollywood Smile   (J. Rosen)

   I Belong to Nobody  (F. Bugbee)

   Make Me Leave Home   (S. Johnson)

   Midnight Screams   (R. Ends)

   Feel the Fire   (Young, Gardner, Decker, McIntosh)

   You Got Me Burnin’  (T. Kreckel)

   Wonder Where You Are  (W. Young, R. Ends)

    Thing Called Love  (R. Ends)


Young Again
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 4 Song compilations

     Including :

Hard Luck Harry
 Rock & Rolls the Answer, 
Living on 
Borrowed Time
 I Found a New Love 

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House is a Rockin’

Hoochie-Coochie Man

My Favorite Mistake

Satisfy Susie

Forever Young

Would I Lie to You

Louisville Loves the Blues

Rock and Roll Money

Midnight Screams

Found a New Love 
 Rock & Roll is the Answer

Live Video Performance of Wayne Young at Expo Five Concert Series, 
Louisville KY featuring originals and covers from the Slow Hand, Eric Clapton Tribute Show and other power hits. 
Lead vocals with Wayne Young and Mary Pat Willis.  Includes special features and performer interviews.

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