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Thanks Everyone for Coming out and making the Soul, Inc. 50 Year Reunion Show a huge success!

Thank You Waky! For your support and Promotion!

Here are some Pictures of the Show
 March 1965
Dick Clark Caravan of Stars

Marvin Maxwell, Tom Jolly, Jimmy Orten, Wayne Young & Eddie Humphries


Dick Clark Caravan of Stars

Tom Jolly, Eddie Humphries, Wayne McDonald, Marvin Maxwell, Jim Settle & Wayne Young
Soul, Inc.

Wayne Young, Jim Settle, Marvin Maxwell & Frank Bugbee


           SOUL, INC.
Soul, Incorporated, One of the most popular psychedelic rock bands in Louisville, Kentucky from 1965-69,

 During which time they released seven singles. Currently undergoing a revival with original and new members. Soul, Inc. Soul, Inc. What's in a name? In this case, the name says it ALL! The soul is the elusive quality that is the very essence or the vital core of, in this case music.

The word incorporated literally means united into one body or combined and organized.

This is a group of individuals who each bring a unique understanding of music and experience combined with the wisdom to understand the commitment it takes to be a true professional.

                                                          They are Soul, Inc.

This band is far more than the individual members, although each stands alone in their experience and talent.
Together their history tells the story in each voice and instrument making a bluesy mix of rock, soul and fun.

 Soul, Inc. features:  Gary Hicks (trumpet), Ernie Sanders (baritone sax) and Ken Bechtloff (sax) on real brass not synthesizers. Ray Barrickman plays bass laying down the low notes that provide the foundation on which their sound is built. Wayne Young's hot guitar licks smolder adding a sensual sound to every song. Don E. Williamson's animated performance on the keyboards turns a sequence of single notes into a meaningful musical phrase. Marvin Maxwell plays the drums like someone who not only understands the importance of rhythm, but skillfully adds the constant reverberating beat keeping the group together, tight and tuff! With as much history and talent found in Soul, Inc., ordinary vocals will not do. Tommy "Cosmo" Cosdon knows his way around a song. His growl, gravel and grit squeeze out every note with a passion felt throughout the room. Sherry Edwards ability to set fire to a stage, all the while making love to the audience, is found in every note whether she is belting out good ol' rock 'n' roll or a tearful ballad. And if that is still not enough, Wayne Young and Ray Barrickman take turns singing lead and adding rich harmonies. If you added up the number of years of professional experience on stage, everyone in Soul, Inc. should have a PhD in Musical Performance. Brenda Woods - Wayne Young (Guitar, Vocals) Marvin Maxwell (Drums) Tommy Cosdon "Cosmo" (Vocals)  Sherry Edwards (Vocals) Ray Barrickman (Bass Guitar, Vocals) Don E. Williamson (Keyboards) Kenny Bechtloff (Sax) Gary Hicks (Trumpet) Ernie Sanders (Baritone)

 -Band Member Bios-  

 Wayne Young 
Wayne Young's diverse career began in 1958 with a local garage band, Chuck Harrod and the Anteaters. In 1959 he joined the Carnations and Trendells. The list of Young's career bands include Cosmo and the Counts, Soul, Inc., Commonground, Wayne Young and Company, The Heavyweights, Midnight Special, The Shufflin' Grand Dads up to his current band, Wayne Young and the New Legends, and of course, the revival of Soul, Inc. Recognized as a superb guitarist throughout the music community, he is often compared to Eric Clapton. Young's diverse career has become a Louisville legend. His music tenure has included national tours with the likes of Bo Diddley, The Rolling Stones and Leon Russell to name a few. 

Marvin Maxwell 
Marvin Maxwell is not only one of the most admired and respected drummers to come from the Louisville area, but he has undoubtedly left his mark on the music community in a thousand ways. Marvin's musical career began with Jimmy Orton and the Emeralds and has included the original Soul, Inc. In the late '60s Soul, Inc. was asked to tour with the Dick Clark Caravan of Stars. They received an invitation to do a second tour, this time not only backing other artists, but with a spot all their own. They performed with artists such as Lou Christy, We Five, The Byrds and Paul Revere and the Raiders. Following Soul, Inc., Marvin's career included Elysian Field who's first recording "Kind of a Man," released nationally in 1968, went to #1 on the local charts. MOM's General Store for Musicians, founded by Marvin and today run by his three children, has not only served as an outlet for musical instruments and a recording studio, but started Rock School to nurture our future rock 'n' roll stars. 

Tommy Cosdon
 As early as 1959, Tommy Cosdon made a name for himself when he began singing lead with The Sultans. Their choice of songs including "It'll Be Easy," along with Cosdon's bluesy style, quickly put them on the local radio charts and into Louisville's musical history. Cosdon, known as "Cosmo," and his group The Counts continued to record and perform throughout the '60s. During Cosmo's stint in the service, his musical career was managed by Audrey Williams (mother of Hank, Jr.) Today as a member of Soul, Inc., Cosmo continues to bring audiences that same soulful sound that put him in the spotlight. Whether he is front and center as a soloist or blending his voice with other Soul, Inc. members, his distinct smoky voice steals the show. 

Sherry Edwards
 In the late '60s, a teenaged Sherry Chenault began her musical career by performing at U.S.O. shows. When she joined the Chateaus, a local Rock 'n' Roll band, it opened the door to a long and well-deserved professional career. From the very beginning, Sherry possessed the ability to captivate the audience not only with her incredible stage performance but with a powerful, soulful voice. And, like a good wine, Sherry has only improved. Her musical career has included The Chateaus, Gary and Sherry Edwards (S. A. G. E.), Jerry Kirk and the Heavyweights, Sheer Magic and The Wulfe Pack. Her sultry voice and stage energy are an intricate part of today's Soul, Inc. Ray Barrickman Ray's musical career began like many of the time with a local band called The Waters. But this is where his story takes a different path. Ray eventually moved to Memphis, TN where he performed in a variety of touring groups. Just when he was beginning to question his choice of professions, he landed the unbelievable job of bass player with Hank Williams, Jr. for 24 years. Ray's career also included Puddinfoot with Louisville's Denny Lile and Leslie's Motel before moving to Memphis. Today as the bass player for Soul, Inc., Ray not only adds incredible energy on the bass, but his vocals both as a soloist and in harmonies are not to be missed. 

Ernie Sanders 
As a young rock 'n' roller with The Kinetics, could Ernie have imaged a career as diverse as the one he has had: Five Easy Pieces, Payne and Pleasure, a long stint at Bill's Supper Club, 12 years playing for the Sunday Brunch at the Executive West Hotel, not to mention 35 years with the Jefferson County School system! Ernie has been in jazz bands, big bands and combos. He has played sax for the Louisville Orchestra for 12 years and created the Kosair Brass Band where he continues to play today. Do you need to ask why when Soul, Inc. was looking for a sax player to round out today's group, Ernie's name was at the top of the list!   Don E. Williamson Music has always played an important role in Don E. Williamson's life. Playing in the New Albany High School Band served as a springboard to a variety of rock and pop bands. He left Indiana for a 6 year stint in Liberation, the house band at a Bowling Green, KY hotel. He spent time in Nashville, TN and Atlanta, GA playing with regional groups and appearing on the bill with a number of national groups including Edgar Winter, Leon Russell, Chubby Checker and Del Shannon. Don never lost his love for Louisville music and has been a member of an array of bands early in his career including C.C. Biggs and Gary "Monkey" Meeks. In the '80s he played with Cosmo and the Counts and Wayne Young. His career during the '90s included Rhino Ivory and Stages. As a current member of Soul, Inc. he is reunited with Cosmo, Young and Ernie Sanders. Besides his love of playing music, Don is Creative Director of Pro Media Group.  

Gary Hicks
To say that Gary has played trumpet "all his life" is no small statement. Coming from a musical family (he has three younger brothers all of whom are professional musicians), his grade school days included the school band through a string of notable bands today, his trumpet has been heard by many. In the early '60s, he was a founding member of the U of K Jazz Ensemble and the Men of Note, a Lexington, KY group that continues today. Throughout the '80s, his career has included several bands including the Pendulum Orchestra and the Gambit Band which evolved into the Heat Band. Gary's professional music career includes many Broadway Shows at Kentucky's Center for the Arts including the grand opening featuring Kentucky's own, Rosemary Clooney. He has been an integral part of the orchestras and bands that have played for the circus, rodeos, ice shows and the Crusade for Children Band for many years. He has also played with many national rock 'n' roll groups including The Temptations, The Tops and The Drifters. 

Kenny Bechtloff 
 Bechtloff started playing saxophone in the 5th grade in public school and continued through High School playing in the school Bands. He started playing gigs in the 8th grade and has continued up to the present. He’s played all different genres of music for all different types of venues. He’s played with local, regional and national bands, including Gladys Night, Pure Prairie League, Spiral Staircase, B.J. Thomas and many others. In the early 90’s he recorded, played, wrote and arranged music in Chicago for National Corporate shows, WGN TV specials and other Cable Networks including Biography and American Justice. Ken graduated from Louisville Male High School and received a degree in Music Education from Morehead State University and did his Graduate studies at Northern Arizona University. Ken has taught instrumental and vocal music in public and private schools for 34 years. His teaching experience includes 21 years in Louisville, KY and 13 years in Yuma County Arizona.  He’s taught mostly in High School, but also Middle School, Privately, and Community College.       Date: November 1965 The line up for the Dick Clark Caravan of Stars 


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Soul, Inc. - Who do you love

Soul, Inc. - In the Midnight Hour

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Soul, Inc. - 60 Miles High.

Soul, Inc. - 727    

The NEW Soul, Inc. - Band Introductions & Song

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